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Media Selection Sitges 2012

Press Review Posidonia Festival Sitges 2012


Press: 20 articles in 14 different media
TV and Radio: 10 different TV-radios stations and channels
Web: Around 100 websites
About 40% of the media that covered Posidonia Festival was generalist, about 30% eco-oriented, about 30% tourism/art-oriented, mainly at local and national level not considering the international presence.

www.posidoniafestival.com: about 40.000 unique visitors until September with about 190.000 page views. 35% of the visitors were from Spain, 35% from Italy, 30% from all the other Countries mainly Germany, UK, France.

Economic evaluation of the media impact: Around 100.000 €


Media Selection

 EuropaPress-2012-09-01-web.jpg          EfeVerde-2012-08-07-web.jpg


 ViaVerde_RNE-2012-08-31-web.jpg             Vida Sana-2012-07-23-web.jpg

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elpaisIe_120903_5_1-web.jpg           ElPeriodico-2012-09-01-web.jpg







ElPuntAvui-2012-08-26-web.jpg         ACN-2012-08-30-web.jpg     











 ABC.es-2012-08-27-web.jpg             Energías Renovables-2012-07-19-web.jpg


Ara_cultura-2012-08-27-web.jpg            donesdigital-2012-08-01-web.jpg


Sitgestur-web.jpg              Spaghettibcn-2012-08-30-web.jpg


EcodeSitges-2012-08-03-web.jpg           Ecodiari-2012-09-01-web.jpg


 Ecoxarxa-noticies-2012-08-20-web.jpg           GastronomiaAlternativa-2012-08-28-web.jpg


Ecogaia-2012-08-29-web.jpg             Ecoticias-2012-07-24-web.jpg


Guiadelturista-2012-08-06-web.jpg           Naciodigital-2012-07-18-web.jpg


periodistadigital-2012-04-22-web.jpg           Sitgesbarcelona-2012-08-01-web.jpg








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