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Posidonia Festival

Why a "Posidonia" Festival?

Because we are aware of the importance of defending the Posidonia oceanica as a key element to maintaining the equilibrium of the mediterranean coastal and marine ecosystems.

Because the plant contributes enormously to the beauty and life of the Mediterranean Sea.

Because we believe in the union of Culture, Education, and Environment Preservation as a means of making a transition towards a sustainable planet.

Because of all this, the Posidonia plant stands for the spirit and aims of the Festival .


Posidonia Festival, International Festival of Art, Environment and Sustainable Development, is organized by Posidonia MED, no-profit association.
Director: Edoardo Brodasca
Communications & Project Director: Matteo Trivelli
Senior Strategist: María José Pedragosa
Assistant: Domizia Frisina
Sitges Art Installations: Marcel Balart
Italy Technical Manager: Francesco Ziello
Italy Organization Assistant: Valentina Brodasca
Media Italy: Francesca Mancosu
Media Spain: Laia Serra Valls


Summary 2008-2014

Carloforte, Formentera, Sitges, Tavolara.

11 Editons of the Festival in 4 different locations.
About 51,000 presences in totally 33 days and 24 nights of activities (about 50% at the day activities and about 50% at the night activities).
More than 200 organizations and associations involved.
About 850 different publications in media that covered the Festival, with a potential audience and of milions of targeted people.
About 520 invited people.
About 360,000 unique visitors mainly from Spain, Italy, France, Germany UK and more than 1000,000 page views on the website www.posidoniafestival.com .
About 360,000 users reached and 1200,000 visualizations in Facebook.
About  810,000 € of economic evaluation of the media impact.
Minimum 1,220,000 € of indirect economic impact in the territory (estimating nearly the total of the public as local, not calculating the presences generated in other times of the year).
Around € 470,000 total budget, including free services and real apportantions by Sponsors, Institutions, and Partners.

48 conferences/round tables.
59 musical bands.
21 installations.
16 performance/theatre/circus groups.
64 documentaries/films/animations selected which environmental themes and 101 short films, some of those with presentation by the director.
45 workshops for children, teenagers and adults.
7 beach cleaning initiatives.
About 47 EXTRA Festival activities of sustainable tourism promotion collaborating with local operators.


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