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After the very rewarding success of a festival we organized in Formentera in 2004, a group of artists and professionals from Formentera, supported by  the local authorities, decided to create the Posidonia Festival in 2008, an event intended as a humble contribution to the quality and sustainability of the development in the island.



Posidonia oceanica ("posidonia" is also the common Spanish name), commonly known in English as Sea Grass, is an angiosperm plant, adapted to life underwater. It is a key element to preserving the Mediterranean coastal ecosystems. At present, posidonia prairies are reducing their extension throughout the whole Mediterranean Sea. Still, some of the oldest and best-preserved prairies are found all around Formentera.  These include the largest-known single living creature in the world: one individual that is 8km. in length.  Formentera is among the few places where one can still marvel at the spectacular flowering of the posidonia prairies. 



Local and international artists and scientists.

Local and international professionals in tourism and eco-industry.

Local population and tourists.






Organizing an annual festival which will connect ecology, tourism and the world of art, involving local and international agents.

The project wants to be an opportunity to further enrich the cultural and tourist development of Formentera and a unique experience for both Spanish and foreign guests.

The Festival will be a part of international networks of similar initiatives, and wants to be a meeting point for art, ecology and tourism professionals who are interested in Formentera and its future.  It should become a laboratory for sustainable solutions for the tourist industry and create a center of experimentation, reflection and promotion of these initiatives.   


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