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Guitar player and singer-songwriter, born in Lome (Togo, Africa) in a deeply traditional environment, in time he discovered that blues and jazz are just another way of playing his own music.  After a long trajectory with other bands, he created his own label to put out his first record “Agoo” in 2007.

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Confusión flamenco samba”: “Confussion flamenco samba”: this is how this band defines itself on their MySpace site.  They go on to explain that Saravacalé sounds “a little from here, a little from there”.  The members of this eclectic project are Carolina Delleva (voice), Irene Atienza (voice), Lisandro Silva (guitar), Salva Mejías (percussion), Val Plaza (percussion) and Juan Manuel Moreno (piano).

Simbolo Posidonia Festival



This is the last ensemble of cuban musician Muñeco (Eldys Isaac Vega).  In its ranks are Juanlu “El Canijo” (Calima), Joan Garriga (La Trova Kung Fu), Dani Macaco (Macaco) and members of Calima among other collegues and friends.

Muñeco is a composer, a pianist, a percussionist and a producer.  He got to Spain via Menorca, where he spent his first years.  After moving to Barcelona, the opportunity arose to work with “Ojos de Brujo”, “Amparanoia”, “La Trova Kung Fu”, “Dusminguet”, “Calima”, etc. His last project has been composing and producing his own record: “Gasolina-Motor”.

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Pizzica (Tarantella) Pizzica (Tarantella) from the South of Italy.  Skaddia's frontmen are Massimiliano Morabito and Piero Balsamo. Skaddia was born to pay homage to the traditional melodies and lullabies of their homeland.   The so-called “Altosalento” songs, dances and music reflect the hopes, moods and perseverance of their region: the Apuglia.


Simbolo Posidonia Festival


This band was born as a passtime and a vehicle for fun among friends but it slowly evolved into a project that grew bigger and bigger on the stages of Barcelona.  Their songs revolve around beautiful and fun things, such as flamenco or anything else they enjoy and love.

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Her MySpace account surprises the visitor: “It sounds like a music box that is run over by a lorry”. Amanda Jayne, born in Pennsylvania, went on a trip that took her to the United States, to Europe... until she got to Barcelona, where she started a project with Dumbala Canalla, a local gypsy-circus band.  After four years touring together, Amanda Jayne now releases the songs of Swoon, which are both a result and a reflection of her trips and personal experiences.

Simbolo Posidonia Festival


El Tío Carlos is a trio made up of three Carlos: Carlos “El Payo Ye Yé” Zarazaga, Carlos “Charly” Torrebadella and “Tito Carlos”.  After contributing songs on compilations released all over the world (Barcelona, The Sex, The City & The Music or Rambla, Rumble Rumba), El Tío Carlos has just released its first record on the Barcelona label K Industria Cultural. 




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