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In order to realize a real EcoFestival it is necessary to carry out, gradually, concrete actions which can put into practice the concepts of Responsibility and Sustainability. 

Posidonia Festival organization is developing some actions to reduce the Festival's impact, globally on the environment and locally on the island of Formentera. However we all have to be aware that even if the Festival organization is assuming its responsibilities towards the environment and Formentera, this will be not be enough without the responsibility of all the organizations as well as all participants involved, that will be the unique responsibles for their actions.

In any case, this is proof that not only is another world possible, it is now being built. The actions that will be carried out during the 2009 edition are:


CO2 compensation

Posidonia Festival organization will compensate for the CO2 (responsible for global warming and environmental change) produced by the Festival through planting a number of trees calculated to compensate the pollution caused by the organizing of the Festival organization. The trees will be planted in Formentera, in accordance with local authorities and according to the specific needs of the local environment. The value of this action is not only related to the absorption of carbon dioxide, but it will generate new forest (thus attracting wildlife) as well as oxygen and soil. This action is made possible thanks to the Municipality of Formentera . Click here to see the planting of trees for the 2008 edition of the Posidonia Festival .


Rubbish collecting  and recycling

The rubbish will be collected in different containers to be later recycled as much as possible, in cooperation with the Municipality of Formentera and CESPA .


Biodegradable Plastics

In the 2009 edition, Posidonia Festival organization is going to use biodegradable plastic for the catering services. These plastics (made of Mater-Bi ) will be collected in special containers to be later recycled as compost. This action is made possible thaks to the Municipality of Formentera , Novamont and Ecozema .


Some basic rules for the public

Culture of Peace 


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