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During the festival, the Environmental Cinema Festival Posidonia Cinema will take place in the Sala Cinema (Film Room).
Free entry on all films.



Utopía (Spain, 2008). Dir: Alex Ruiz, Lucho Iglesias



Climate change is a relity of the 21st century, but there is a group of men and women who believe in the utopia of making social progress compatible with technology.  Meet them through this documentary. 


We Feed the World (Austria, 2005). Dir: Erwin Wagenhofer

 Nosotros Alimentamos el Mundo

A documentary on food and globalization, on farmers and fishermen, on long-distance truck drivers , corporate businessmen and how food travels the globe. The film offers an insight into the process of food production as well as offers an answer to the vital question of what our relationship to world hunger might be.


Rivers and Tides (Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, 2001)  Dir: Thomas Riedelsheimer    

 Best Documentary Award at San Francisco and Montreal Festival.

Rivers and Tides

Documentary on the work of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy, who has -for the last 20 years- created works of art on forests and rivers worldwide using no other tool than his bare hands.  He uses petals, wool, leaves, ice or stones, shaped by natural phenomena such as sunlight, humidity or tides.


Salt (Spain, 2008). Dir: Carmelo Convalía


This documentary on the salt evaporation ponds found in Formentera since ancient times has been directed by Navarrese journalist Carmelo Convalia, who settled down on the island many years ago.


Ralco, a bad business deal (Chile, Spain, 2008). Dir: Nicolás García, Xavier Vaqué

Sol d’Or for Best National Documentary, FICMA 2008


Ralco un mal negocio

 On the Andes mountain range, in Xile, the last of the indigenous “Pehuenche” have to abandon their ancestral homeland due to the contruction of a huge hidroelectrical dam. The film tells the story of some of the inhabitants.


THE DREAM (Spain, 2008)  Director: Christopher Farnarier

 El Somni

A man seems to be walking in front of his flock of sheep since the beginning of time, following the pattern of the seasons.  The migrating shepherd belongs to our collective imagery.  Joan “Pipa” is one of the last members of an age-long tradition.  We accompany him on his last trip on the move to new pastures on the Catalan Pyrenees. Day after day we share his intimacy and we discover the past and present of a man who loves his job and who is happy to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom within nature.  However, land abandonment, industrialization and uncontrolled urban growth, new infrastructures and now climate change have put an end to the dream and are leading us towards an uncertain future.  The disappearance of transhumance is a symbol of progress or can we take it as a symbol of our civilization's demise?


Cry Sea / Mar de lágrimas (Italy, 2007). Dir: Carfi Mohmud, Luca Cusani 

Sol d’Or for Best International Documentary, FICMA 2008

Cry Sea/Mar de lagrimas

Some 500 european fishing boats equiped with leading-edge technology go into Senegalese waters and capture huge amounts of fish for the european markets.  Every day, In Senegal, 15.000 canoes try to capture the leftovers of the European fishing boats to feed 600.000 people. European ships locate fish shoals with radars and GPS technology so they can fish for two months uninterruptedly.  Experts claim that fish will disappear from Senegalese waters within ten years, which will cause a human tragedy.


Marine Reserves: restoring the oceans - Greenpeace


An informative piece produced by Greenpeace on the efectiveness of marine reserves as a means to protect marine fauna and flora and help
their recovery.  The film portrays the experience in the Canary islands and other marine reserves around the globe and it shows how their implementation has had an obvious positive effect on oceanic biodiversity.


VOICES WE WILL NEVER YEAR (2009)-Leandro Blanco - Images by Huga Mazavillani, Manu San Félix, Leandro Blanco

With the voices we will never hear, he reflects his art with a deep message about the wrong perception mankind has of the animals.



La Boca Del Lobo

The Travelling Festival of Short Films La Boca del Lobo has reached its 10th edition on 2009 as a solid and well-established festival in
the national and international circuit.  Following the success obtained last October in Madrid, the festival's ship will berth at Formentera's quay with over 250 short films from 28 different countries to be shown at the Posidonia Festival.



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