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The Workshops of the Fundació Balears Sostenible

Since 2005 the Fundació Balears Sostenible organizes environmental workshops in fairs and beaches of the Balearic Islands to raise awareness on recycling amongst children and youth.

Activities revolve around recycling materials such as cardboard, paper or plastic and turning them into new and funny objects.  For instance, with an empty yoghurt we make a flower, with the milk's carton we make a wallet, from pines and branches we make a mobile, etc.

The workshops last for 20 min. max.
Simbolo Posidonia Festival


Let's visit the sky

The Aerospacial Promotion Agency of the Barcelona Council organizes this nocturnal observation of the Formentera sky with telescopes.  The activity will be conducted by the Astronomical Society of Barcelona (ASTER) and will be accompanied by a classical music concert as performed live by the Formentera Music School.  After this, a concert of ambient music by the band  “Selva del mar”.

Simbolo Posidonia Festival

Workshop about music and instruments made from recycled materials

Diego Aín offers a workshop about music and instruments made from recycled materials.

Simbolo Posidonia Festival


Workshops of "Hierbas" - Obra Cultural Balear

2nd workshop to realizae the herbs liqueur typical of the Balearic Islands.

Simbolo Posidonia Festival

Workshop of Funky/Graffiti

The Formentera Youth Club puts on a show of funky dance and organizes a workshop to learn the art of graffiti.


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