Basic Rules - Eco Guide

Some basic rules for the public

-Respect the people and the environment.

-No stress.  

-Take care of your own waste.

-Take care of your dog (or any pet) and of its waste.

-Any kind of camping is prohibited in Carloforte.

-Happy people and open minds.

EcoFestival Guide

10 suggestions for living Posidonia Festival Carloforte 2011 more sustainably.

Before the festival

-I wonder what is the best approach I may have during the trip and stay, to respect and preserve natural resources and people, in terms of transport, waste, water, noise, ...
- To reach the Posidonia Festival in Carloforte I choose the least polluting means of transport (train, bus, etc..), or i am open to car sharing.

During the festival
-I respect the environment and its biodiversity.

-I collect and throw my trash in proper containers to help recycle as much as possible.

-I use water responsibly.

-I do not throw cigarette butts on the floor and I have great care not to cause fires.

-On foot or by bicycle, or even by public transport,  I can choose means of transport less polluting to visit the festival locations and its surroundings.

-In my shopping and eating, I prefer to use biodegradable products, organic, local, sustainable, reusable / recyclable.

After the festival
-I do mnot leave abandoned waste.

-When I will come back home I will compensate the CO2 emissionsI generated during my stay  through specialized websites or ecologist associations. 


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