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The Boat of Children

Unmasking Shadows - art for social change 

Boat from Formentera to Nairobi.

Artistic workshops with children of Formentera for the children of Nairobi.

21st to 25th of May


: Nicolau Mallol Duque and Ulises Pistolo Eliza.
Concept: art installations with drawings by children of Formentera.
Place: Formentera port.

With the Unmasking Shadows project, we open a communication channel between two very different realities: Europe and Kibera (the outskirts of Nairobi). In this case, between children of Formentera and children from the streets of Kibera.
The installation will be recorded and projected in Kibera.
The children of Formentera, after having discussed and reflected on the lives of children in Kibera, will have the opportunity to make a drawing dedicated to them, thus communicating whatever they choose to share with their "faraway friends".
There will be examples set to them like houses, cities or an anecdote that illustrates the kid's everyday life. They will also be given the option of making a version of any of the drawings seen in the exhibition or of a postcard of their choice. We may well find that the colors alone reflect the different points of view of the two realities.


There will be a display on the classic sailboat 'Halve Maan' in the port of Formentera. Children participating in the workshop will have an opportunity to paint a picture for the children of Kibera. At the end of the day we will create an organic display with a single collective work within the framework of the classical sailboat.

The whole process will be documented and recorded to be shown in Kenya. During the days that the work will be on display the drawings that are part of the installation will be on sale with no fixed price (the buyer's choice) to gather funds towards housing and education for the children of Kibera.

halve_maan.JPG         barco_ninos_nairobi.JPG
 Halve Maan                                                  The photo that inspired the project



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