Posidonia Festival

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Recycling and Art  

Drap-Art organizes the visual art display of the festival. For this first edition two projects have been selected that can be seen in Can Marroig in the Ses Salines Nature Reserve



The first project is an installation of several fish, created by the artist Orson Buch. Born in 1967 in Paris, the son of German artists, he grew up in Formentera, from 1970 to 1982, and then returned to Paris to finish his studies and stayed in the French capital until today. His first solo exhibition was created in New York in 1988. Since then he has performed exhibitions in France, Germany and Spain.
A few years ago, over his paintings, he began to create sculptures of cans, representing animals with a minimal intervention of materials, respecting the original object. These works have been exhibited in Paris and Barcelona during Drap-Art '06 and are permanently on display in La Carboneria, Espai Drap-Art.


Orson Buch
The second project, Gargot de joc, is by the Catalan Guixot de 8, from Tona. Their leitmotiv is: "Now that our imagination is constrained by dolls that serve a single function, it is time to turn a bicycle into a bird."
With a van full of old junk scrap, assembled to form sets of toys, designed by Joan Rovira, Guixot de 8 travels around the world, giving boys and girls, men and women, an alternative to TV and computer games.





Drap-Art is a non-profit organisation founded in Barcelona in 1995.

Drap-Art promotes creative recycling, through the organisation of festivals, exhibitions and workshops. Drap-Art’s aim is to enhance creative recycling as a tool of transformation in the arts, the environment and society. Recycling, reusing and recuperating revaluates things. This, not only helps to induce a more reflexive consumerism, but also contributes to the growth of respect for the environment and for the people living in it, leading towards cultures based on knowledge and respect.

Drap Art
Now that a desolate future, provoked by an unsustainable global growth, presents itself more and more clearly, Drap-Art considers that it is of the utmost importance to encourage the new generations to use recycling, not only as a tool for criticizing, but as a device at the disposal of everybody to transform protest into positive proposals, which are the seeds of a more sustainable world.

 Drap Art Workshop   Drap Art Workshop

Moreover, creative recycling is a global and multicultural phenomenon that occupies a significant position in the popular arts and crafts in all societies of the world. Drap-Art, as well as giving a new impulse to the movements in the arts that use found objects as a language of social criticism, wants to stimulate people in general to use the possibilities that everyday life and trash put at their disposal to develop themselves creatively and with independence, to use their critical thought and express themselves,
Drap Art Installation         Drap Art Installation
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