Posidonia Tavolara

Tavolara Island 23rd of July 2011

POSIDONIA Art and Nature

Photos Posidonia Tavolara 2011

 From 10,00 to 20,30

The Association Posidonia Project Carloforte for the Festival del Cinema Italiano - Una notte in Italia - Isola di Tavolara 2011 (20th-24 th of July) which will take place the week before the Posidonia Festival Carloforte 2011 (27th-30th of July), in collaboration with the Area Marina Protetta AMP TAVOLARA-PUNTA CODA CAVALLO , presents a day of eco-oriented, artistic, educational, cultural activities to promote the protection of Posidonia oceanica


Recycling art and creative workshops for children and adults

Is Femmineddas: Recycling art and creative workshop.

L'Orchestra del Riciclo: workshop of music instruments of recycled materials. 



10,00: Meeting, beach cleaning and creative immagination

12,00: Preparation of workshop spaces

16,00: workshops contemporary beginning

19,30: Roda de Samba with musical instruments of recycled materials

20,30: End

AMP Tavolara          Ministero dell'Ambiente


Posidonia TavolaraPosidonia Tavolara
Posidonia Festival