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Welcome to Posidonia Festival’s website
We are confident that the website will be of your liking and useful to you, and that you will enjoy visiting it. For this reason and in the pursuit of maximum security for our website and our visitors, we establish the following conditions of use:
these general conditions regulate the use of our internet website’s service which Posidonia Festival puts at the disposal of internet’s users. Using our website gives the condition of “user of our website” (henceforth “User”) and expresses full acceptance, with no reserve, of each and every one of these conditions in the version published by Posidonia Festival in the very moment that the User reaches our website. As a consequence, the User must carefully read the conditions in each of the occasions when he intends to use our website.
Also, using the Service is done under all the warnings, use regulations and instrructions established by Posidonia Festival which complete what is established by these conditions as long as they don’t contradict them.

1.- The ownership of the Posidonia Festival website belongs to:

2.- Posidonia Festival offers in its website information regarding the Posidonia Festival, and anything else related to these. Such information must be considered as an introduction. The main purpose of the website is that of information and publicity and it provides the possibility of contacting or asking for more detailed information.
Information given through Posidonia Festival does not substitute publicity or legal texts that might need to be published formally.

3.- Sending data through information forms is merely a non-binding enquiry.

4.- Posidonia Festival has the right to change, modify, add and/or eliminate part of these conditions as well as make changes to the content of the website at any moment and without warning.
We recommend that you periodically go over the possible changes.
Such modifications which may eventually occur will give no right to any indemnification for the User.

5.- Posidonia Festival cannot be held responsible for the discrepancies that may arise between the printed version of its documents and the electronic version of these. The texts and photographs published on the website may have typographical or printing mistakes. The information undergoes periodical changes.

6.- The texts (pieces of information, concepts, publicity and analogous), trademarks, make secrets, technologies, products, processes and graphic elements (design, photos, logos, makes, source code and analogous) which make up the website and/or spread through it, as well as its presentation or setting, are subject to Industrial and Intellectual ownership rights. All the contents of the website (texts, logos, makes, photos, etc.) is owned by Posidonia Festival. The website also contains texts, photographs and bibliographical references belonging to third parties. These contents are subject to the same Industrial and Intellectual ownership rights.

7.- Posidonia Festival strives to maintain the continuity of the information and services offered through its website. Nevertheless, Posidonia Festival cannot guarantee the continuity and availability of the services of the website in the future. Posidonia Festival cannot be held responsible for any damages of any kind which may arise from the bad functioning or lack of availability of the website and its related communication systems due to external causes or interruption or interferences or glitches on the information transmission networks.

8.- The User commits himself to using Posidonia Festival in a lawful manner, in accordance to what these General Conditions establish as well as to the moral and generally-accepted good customs and public order, and promises not to use Posidonia Festival with illicit purposes or effects that would be contraty to what is established in these General Conditions, detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties or which may in some way damage, overcharge, deteriorate or render useless Posidonia Festival or prevent the use or enjoyment of the website by the Users.
Posidonia Festival cannot be held responsible for the damages derived from the access, use or misuse of the website’s contents. Posidonia Festival states that the industrial ownership rights (makes, trade names, etc.) appearing on this website are owned by it or are legitimately exploited by virtue of agreements or use licences, finding themselves duly protected by the existing regulations and guidelines on Industrial Property.
The User undertakes to use the website in a diligent, correct and licit way, and he or she particularly commits himself to not:
(a) Supress, avoid or manipulate the copyright, makes and other data identifying the rights of Posidonia Festival or its owners incorporated to the contents from our website, as well as the technical devises for protection, digital fingerprints or any mechanisms of information that they might contain.
(b) Use the contents and, particularly, any kind of information obtained though our website to send publicity, communications as a means to directly selling or any other kind of commercial purpose, or non-requested messages addressed to a number of people.
(c) Playing or copying, distributing, permitting the access of the public through any kind of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless one has the authorization of the owner of the particular rights or it is legally permitted.
(d) In general, using the contents in a way, with goals or effects contrary to the law or the moral or generally-accepted good customs or the public order.
Posidonia Festivaldoes not grant any licence or any kind of authorization to use its intellectual ownership rights or any other ownership or right linked to its website or the Posidonia Festival.

9.- Posidonia Festival has included in its website references to firms and trades (hotels, restaurants, etc.) as well as links. The existence of these data on the website of Posidonia Festival is purely for the purpose of information and does not imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation of these. These lists of trades have been assembled as thoroughly as has been possible. Should you find some incorrect datum or some owner wishes to include, modify or delete the data on his trade, it can be done writing to the following e-mail address:

10.- Posidonia Festival guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data and uses all reasonable means to ensure it. No datum trusted to us will be shared with any organization or firm outside Posidonia Festival, excluding the service providers which are directly connected to Posidonia Festival and only to ensure the correct functioning of Posidonia Festival and the services offered. In keeping with the data protection law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, Real Decreto 1720/2007, de 21 de diciembre), the User of Posidonia Festival will be able to use his rights to access, modify or cancel his data in the terms established by the said law and other regulations which develop it. In the event that any User or third party thinks that any of the contents has been introduced on its website with violation of their intellectual ownership rights, they will have to send a note to indicating their precise and complete data and those of the intellectual ownership rights which have been supposedly contravened as well as the website.

11.- Posidonia Festival’s website is run according to the legislation and the publicity activities codes that exist in Spain. Therefore, Spanish laws apply and it exists under the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of Spain. Any controversy, conflict or demand that may arise around the fulfillment of the terms of use of the website Posidonia Festival and any conflict which bears a relation to the content and services of the website will be solved by the Judges and Courts of Barcelona (Spain) and will be interpreted according to Spanish legislation. The parties will renounce the local or regional law codes which may apply to them.

12.- The access to Posidonia Festival implies the acceptance by the User of the terms and conditions contained within this website.
Posidonia Festival has the right to modify the terms, conditions and communications according to which this website is offered.

13.- Posidonia Festival has the right to use judicial, civil or criminal action against any fisical or legal person or their representatives who contravene what is established by these conditions. Posidonia Festival cannot be held responsible in the event of interruptions of the service, delays, errors, bad functioning or, in general, any other inconvenience due to force majeure causes not controlled by Posidonia Festival and/or due to a deceitful or guilty act on the part of the User. Without prejudice to what is established in the article 1105 of the Civil Code, the concept of Force Majeure will also include, affecting these General Conditions, all those occurrences that may happen outside the control of Posidonia Festival such as mistakes of third parties, operators or service companies, acts of the Government, no access to third parties’ networks, acts or omissions of public authorities, those produced as a consequence of natural phenomena, power cuts, etc. as well as the attack by hackers or third parties who are specialized to the security or integrity of the computing system, as long as Posidonia Festival has adopted all the existing security measures in accordance to the technological possibilities. At any rate, whatever the cause, Posidonia Festival will not take any responsibility be it for direct or indirect damage, resultant damage and/or profit.

14.- Posidonia Festival will have the right to temporarily suspend the services and contents of this website to carry out operations for the maintenance, improvement or repair of said contents, without having to pay any sort of indemnization to the User for these concepts. Posidonia Festival excludes any responsibility for any sort of damage which may be due to the non-availability or non-continuity of the functioning of our website and the services.

15.- Posidonia Festival is not responsible for the contents or the opinions of third parties that may appear on their website or the information contained on third parties’ websites which may be accessed through links or web search engines, since their use is informing the User of the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the internet, which will enlarge the data that he or she obtain on this website, but can never be though of as an invitation, suggestion or recommendation. In consequence, Posidonia Festival will not be responsible for the result obtained through said hipertextual links.

16.- This website has been elaborated in good faith by Posidonia Festival with information coming from both external and internal sources. Nevertheless, the fullness, truthfulness, topicality or exactness of our website for the carrying out of some particular activity by our Users cannot be guaranteed. Besides, Posidonia Festival does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements when accessing our website which may alter electronic documents and stored files. In consequence, Posidonia Festival does not take responsibility for the damages caused to the computing sets of Users by computing viruses obtained during the visit to our website, or any other damages that may occur during such visit.

17.- Posidonia Festival does not offer any guarantee in relation to the continuity or absence of errors in any of the accessible contents through their website, besides not guaranteing the correction of any defect or the absence of viruses and other harmful components in this website or the server that makes it available. Posidonia Festival is not responsible for the veracity, uselessness or adequacy to a specific use of this website or its contents. Neither does Posidonia Festival take responsibility for the loss of data or services as a consequence of some delay, non-delivery or incorrect delivery of the products displayed or interruption of the service, of the exactness, quality or nature of the information obtained through its contents.

18.- The User will answer for the damages of any kind that Posidonia Festival may suffer as a consequence of his or her not abiding by the obligations that he or she are bound to by these General Conditions or by the particular conditions that apply.

19.- Posidonia Festival may act as an intermediary between the service providers and the Users, who exonerate Posidonia Festival of any responsibility that may derive from the use of this service. Any potential complaint will have to be lodged before the hired firm.

20.- Posidonia Festival has the right to deny or withdraw access to its website, at any time and with no need of a previous warning to those Users who do not abide by these General Conditions or the Particular Conditions which may apply.