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Tavolara Island 23rd of July 2011

POSIDONIA Art and Nature

Photos Posidonia Tavolara 2011

 From 10,00 to 20,30

The Association Posidonia Project Carloforte for the Festival del Cinema Italiano - Una notte in Italia - Isola di Tavolara 2011 (20th-24 th of July) which will take place the week before the Posidonia Festival Carloforte 2011 (27th-30th of July), in collaboration with the Area Marina Protetta AMP TAVOLARA-PUNTA CODA CAVALLO , presents a day of eco-oriented, artistic, educational, cultural activities to promote the protection of Posidonia oceanica


Recycling art and creative workshops for children and adults

Is Femmineddas: Recycling art and creative workshop.

L'Orchestra del Riciclo: workshop of music instruments of recycled materials. 



10,00: Meeting, beach cleaning and creative immagination

12,00: Preparation of workshop spaces

16,00: workshops contemporary beginning

19,30: Roda de Samba with musical instruments of recycled materials

20,30: End

AMP Tavolara          Ministero dell'Ambiente


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