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Why a "Posidonia" Festival?

Because we are aware of the importance of defending the Posidonia oceanica as a key element to maintaining the equilibrium of the mediterranean coastal and sea ecosystems.

Because the plant contributes enormously to the spectacular beauty of the sea in Formentera .

Because we believe in the union of Culture, Education, and Environment Preservation as a means of making a transition towards a sustainable planet.

Because of all this, the Posidonia plant stands for the spirit and aims of the Festival .

Why Formentera? 

Because Formentera is an ecologic paradise with an extraordinary environmental richness, both at in the sea and inland.

Because Formentera loves its environment and its natural surroundings and has implemented specific plans of action for ecology, culture and a more sustainable development

Because Formentera is a unique scenario for cultural events, where unforgettable experiences can be lived. 

Because between Ibiza and Formentera there is an 8 km-long and 100,000-years-old individual of Posidonia oceanica which is thought to be the oldest and largest living being in the world.

Because Formentera is Formentera.

Simbolo Posidonia Festival


Posidonia Project Formentera is a no profit association founded by the first three organizers of the Posidonia Festival:  Lorenzo Pepe, Jordi Torrent and Matteo Trivelli.

Director of Posidonia Festival Formentera: Lorenzo Pepe
Artistic Director of Posidonia Festival Formentera: Jordi Torrent
Communications & Project Director: Matteo Trivelli

Consell Insular de Formentera: particularly Consellerías de Cultura, Medio Ambiente, Turismo, and Presidencia.

These main organizers have been helped by Council House personell, a small group of very active volunteers  and about 40 volunteers involved in different roles. Posidonia Festival organization thanks all these people for the very important help given at any level.


Posidonia Festival Formentera is an EcoFestival  and made possible by:

-The enthusiasm, the participation, the trust and the support of Formentera Inhabitants and of all the people who are somehow connected and in love with the island.

-The Team that makes it possible. Many people, really, most of them volunteers, who give their time, heart, and abilities to make the Project grow.

-The artists and all the Participants who enjoy the Posidonia Festival who really give their best in their activities, most of them for free.

-The  Public. Thanks for coming, respecting  and apreciating the Festival and the Island. 

-The trust and the support of the Municipality of Formentera (particularly of the Concelleries de Cultura, Turismo, i Medi Ambient), the local and national authorities involved, the other public or private (local or not) entities involved, and for sure the help of our Sponsors, which make the Posidonia Festival a reality and FREE.

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  Posidonia Festival Formentera is an EcoFestival which promotes a Culture of Peace



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