Posidonia MED (Posidonia Mediterranean Eco Development) is an International non-profit Association that works to reverse the reduction of the Posidonia oceanica and to protect the marine and coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean. It promotes a culture that respects the ecological environment through events, initiatives and awareness campaigns. The organization was founded in 2012 in Spain as a natural follow-up activities connected with the Posidonia Festival, an annual event that takes place consecutively since 2008, the year it was born in Formentera.

Posidonia MED is based in Spain (Barcelona) where its main activities include the Posidonia Festival. It has a representative association in Italy (Association Posidonia Project Carloforte, organizer of the Posidonia Festival in Carloforte and Santa Margherita Ligure) and an established international network of partner organizations.
Posidonia MED is composed of professionals from different sectors and volunteers who work and collaborate to promote ecological and environmental awareness and sustainable development through advanced communication, art and culture.

Posidonia oceanica as a key element for the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and as an essential body for life and the sustainability of our seas and coasts.

Mission: Reversing the trend to reduction of the Posidonia oceanica in the Mediterranean.

Vision: To be a reference entity in the Mediterranean basin in the defence and conservation of Posidonia oceanica, marine and coastal ecosystems.

Values: The entire activity of Posidonia MED is performed based on the values of sustainability, honesty, respect for the environment, playful learning, direct, cooperative, proactive and positive action.



-Defending and protecting Posidonia oceanica in the Mediterranean Sea.
-Raising public awareness and make public opinion sensitive to the need of protecting Posidonia oceanica and the environment, particularly the sea and coastal ecosystems.
-Making stakeholders sensitive and awareness increased.
-Promoting sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean basin.
-Creating an International Network of Professionals, Organizations and Citizens.


Fields of action

Cultural Line

–    Posidonia Festival: International Festival of Arts, Environment and Sustainable Development which has been carried since 2008.
–    Other specific cultural actions.

Educational Line

–    Implementation of an educational offer in different areas (schools, associations, companies, divers, sailors, etc.)
–    Promoting the popularization of science

Information Line

Thanks to information, population awareness for the protection of Posidonia oceanica is achieved. We will achieve this by spreading continuous information about the issues related with Posidonia and the environment.

Lobbying Line

–    Direct or indirect promotion of legal actions for the preservation of the Posidonia and the environment.
–    Influence sectors directly related to the topic.

Sustainable Tourism Line

Encourage sustainable tourism and Posidonia as a quality indicator of touristic destinations.



Other Reference: Posidonia Project